Who am I?

So here it is, This Scarlet Woman’s much anticipated first post – you caught me, that was a slight exagerration, you’ll get a bit of that here. And where are we? Well, after a lot (just a little bit) of encouragement (nagging) from my friends and whānau I have put together this very basic page where I can share all of my life’s struggles.

For a long time I’ve been walking the path of earth warrior and all round humanitarian – as well as daughter, mother, sister, friend, hippy – aaannnd I can now add WIFE to my list of labels (not that we agree with labels being highly non-conformist).


I have been so hung up on writing the perfect post to get you all “hooked” that I almost forgot what I was writing for, that being: to get the point across.

MY point that is, noone else’s, so if you’ve come here to gain some miraculous insight on how to make one million dollars (cue Dr Evil voice) overnight you’re probably on the wrong page. Also I have no idea what the “7 ways to get your blog post shared on Facebook” are… I’m kinda hoping you’ll help me with that.

So what is my point then? To be entirely honest, I don’t know specifically, and it’s hard to focus on just one thing.

Sustainability, raising kids, natural well-being, creating a “self-sufficient” lifestyle, animal welfare, zero-waste, human rights – these are just some of the things I feel extremely passionate about and want to be able to share with people. I don’t expect you necessarily to be with me or against me on any of my ideas, but I want you to be aware of all of your choices and how they can have so many effects on everything around you.

One thing you’d hear from people that know me is that I’m easily distracted, so I might get lost on some things while I get my head around this whole blogging game but bear with me, because what I’m talking about needs to be heard – like, now. And I’ll do my best to put it in a way that you’ll listen – also if I’m saying anything wrong or out of line, I want to know that too, so please feel free to leave any constructive feedback you have because THE MOST IMPORTANT THING for me is that all of these ideas are being shared and discussed.

And as well there’s probably nothing new about what I share either, but my aim is to try and present these regurgitated themes into something that’s palletable for the masses, and in turn (fingers-crossed) we might be able to build some AWARENESS around these issues.

So here we go, enjoy the ride as I know I will, and I hope we can all teach each other a few things.

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