Why blog, why me, why now?

What a day!!! Here I am, 1:30 on a Monday morning talking to soon-to-be Master 7 about what he thinks the most important colours are – Red, Green and Yellow he concludes.

For me these colours represent Life, Nature and Light respectively, the conversation being particularly poignant having literally just an hour ago returned from Far North New Zealand where we are slowly beginning to build our future.

For context (and so that you know just how chuffed I am for what I’ve achieved today) it’s usually a three and a half hour drive each way, however we also had our house lot to move adding loading and unloading time at each end (I work as hard as the men, proving more I think to myself than to them) aaaannnddd on the return I was driving the rental truck (5spd manual, 18m3 cab, biggest you can drive on a car license – just saying).

Needless to say it was a very long day and still with the usual long morning to look forward to (add “return truck” to list somewhere between “kindy/school/daycare drop” on my way to work).

So I thought I’d post while I’m still buzzing off the trip, a little bit wired from the drive and also while I have a fresh perspective on what my vision is for our journey and lifestyle ahead. For me a big part of my sharing is to capture as much of my own and my family’s struggles as triumphs – cue Master Nearly 1 wake-up, he’s spent the day with Nanny so is particularly dehydrated.

And this is what it’s about: me, this post and my page. It’s about long days and longer nights because we can’t take anything for granted. It’s about working hard and living harder for yourself, your whanau and everyone around you. It’s about hopefully showing you one of many ways forward, either to a vision like mine or something completely your own. It’s about learning through sharing.

And it’s about Life, Nature and Light, and how we can incorporate these into our everyday so that we are spreading Love and Knowledge to live better lives, build a better world and grow better people.

I don’t even know if any of this makes sense, but I can legitimately claim exhaustion as an excuse if it doesn’t. Mostly I was just so moved by our early morning chat that I had to share my day with you and this is what came.

As previously stated I’m still getting my head around blogging in general so please do feedback if you’re following and why (or why not) and I’ll take it in stride – also I’ll probably state this as a disclaimer for at least a few months lol. I’m awaiting wedding pics so next post will probably be #myrecycledwedding so you’ll definitely have that to look forward to.

Good night (morning) and talk soon xox

P.S. will add a pic in the actual morning, as in when the sun’s up, too tired just now 😘

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